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Kitchen Appliances Category

It is possible to reach all your needs from a single point with our carefully selected wide product range and reasonable price policy to make the delicious moments even more special. Meet with the convenience of supplying products from hundreds of different categories from a single supplier, with the products you will choose according to your needs among hundreds of product options that add color, usefulness and aesthetics to every corner of the kitchen. Everything you are looking for in kitchenware is here! Pot and pan sets, cutting tools, storage containers, dinnerware, cutlery sets, serving materials, cooking utensils and more… Our products are presented by filtering years of experience, taking into account functionality, quality and long-lasting use.

Bathroom Category

The bathroom is a special place to relieve the tiredness of the day and feel energetic again. We safely deliver our wide range of products that make the bathroom experience even more special and combine aesthetics with functionality. With our experience in the bathroom products industry, we offer you products made from the highest quality materials and with stylish designs. You will have both durability and visual appeal together. While your orders are delivered to your address in the fastest way, you can be sure that your products will be delivered to you safely thanks to our reliable delivery network.

Electrical Household Appliances Category

Today, with the innovations that technology has brought to home life, a smart and comfortable lifestyle has become more important than ever. While our vacuum cleaners keep homes clean with their extra vacuuming technology, life is much easier with toasters that allow you to toast as fast as 3 minutes and many other electronic household appliances. Sirius Inc. Electronic Home Appliances, which are energy-efficient, long-lasting and affordable, make life easier. Each product in our portfolio has been carefully selected according to the criteria of long term use, durability and easy service network..

Home Textile Category

The house becomes livable not only with the walls, but also with the touches. Everything that colors and completes your home life is here! Bed linens, pillow covers, tablecloths, curtains, towels and more… Our company provides comfort, style and elegance to homes with wholesale home textile products. With our many years of experience in home textiles, we choose products for you that are made of the highest quality materials and have elegant designs. We combine both comfort and visuality. Beauty and elegance meet with our modern Sirius Inc. Home Textile products at home, from bedding sets, bedspreads, Pique sets, blankets that will make you feel refreshed. Following our motto of of “High Quality, Reasonable Price” as a principle, we bring you the most suitable product with reasonable prices and models.

Socks & Underwear Category

The most special and comfortable details of your dressing style come together with socks and underwear products. Wouldn’t you like to offer your customers a comfortable elegance? Then you are at the right address! Our company offers wholesale socks and underwear products and options that complement the wardrobe and make daily life easier. Our magic socks make you feel cheerful, stylish, confident, social, comfortable, warm and fresh. We are completely changing the usual socks models in Turkey. In addition to socks suitable for daily life, comfort and elegance are combined with flexibility in shoes that you can wear in harmony with your spouse and children, which are fully compatible with your clothes. At Underwear, we care about your comfort. Contact us to add comfort to your day in all seasons with our extra flexible and spacious underwear products. Thanks to the advantages of wholesale purchasing, where you can find high quality at affordable prices, you can offer economical and quality underwear and socks to your customers. PAGE 12 SIRIUS INC.

Personal Care Category

Being in a good mode starts with taking care of yourself. Our company supports your beauty and health routine with wholesale personal care products to get away from the daily stress with your best version. With our many years of experience in personal care products, we offer you products with the highest quality and natural ingredients. We support you to make the right choice for both beauty and health. It is now very easy for you to reach many products at the best prices by taking advantage of opportunities exclusive to Sirius Inc. in the most preferred famous cosmetics and personal care brands of the world's largest manufacturers.

Camping Products Category

Our company supports great adventures in harmony with nature with wholesale camping products. When you want to get away from the stress of life with your loved ones, while camping, going on a picnic, we strongly recommend you to take the comfort and quality. With our experience in the camping products sector, we choose the products that are made of the most durable materials and have practical functions for you. We offer both safety and comfort together. The right address for all the products you need, from Camping Chairs to Picnic Sets, is waiting for you here. Contact us for our best wholesale prices.

Toy Category

Dear toy lovers, we invite you to a colorful and fun-filled world! We stimulate children’s smiles, imaginations and creativity with the toys we wholesale. With the awareness of the value of toys in the lives of the little ones and how important they are in their improvement, we continue to make progress by renewing ourselves. With years of experience and expertise, as Karma Group, we contribute to the fascinating world of children. We are preparing toy models for children of all ages, suitable for many different tastes, all together for you. With our wide and diverse product range, we meet the expectations of both children and parents at the most attractive prices. Contact us for fun and affordable toys.

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